FAQ (frequently asked questions)

You will find an answer to all questions asked by RESO-VO users. You can also consult the heading "How it works?"

How can I put my vehicle up for sale on Réso-VO?
To put vehicles on sale, it is necessary to be a member and to request the seller status. You can create your account directly on the homepage.
What are the fees of a sale?
Offering a vehicle up for sale is totally free. No charges apply for sellers with the exception of any requested expert reports realized through us.
What happens if my vehicle is not sold during a sale?
If the vehicle is not sold during a sale, we will propose to put it up for sale again in a following session. We recommend to you however, to consider revising your reserve price to give yourself the best chance to achieve a sale.
How do I obtain an expert report?
Either through your own expert, or through our intermediary. You can request an expert report directly on our site.
How does the mechanical warranty work?
You will find the conditions of the mechanical warranty in the section "how does it work?". All vehicles sold through Réso-VO benefit from a 1-mnth 4-point warranty (for all the vehicles not being under the manufacturer’s warranty anymore). This warranty is offered to you by Réso-VO. You also have, the possibility of subscribing to an extended warranty of 3-6 months at a pre-negotiated price
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