about us

About us


Company of specialists and professionals of the trade of industrial vehicles for more than 25 years which unite their skills and their networks to be intermediaries of the trade of used industrial equipment by means of a website dedicated solely to the professionals whose principle is to connect sellers and buyers to sell to the best buyers.

Philippe RIERA, founder of the site and its partners, noted that companies holding fleets of vehicles encountered certain difficulties in reselling their second-hand vehicles (lack of time, lack of knowledge of the trading sector, proposals to take back equipment sometimes poorly adapted to the market ...)

They have come together to build a concept that will enable these companies to have a global and advantageous solution for the safe sale of their equipment to the best bidders.

Their main objectives are:

- Sell to the "best bidders" the equipment entrusted to them by the sellers;

- Ensure optimal organization and logistics of the assumption of responsibility for the goods until final sale;

- Advise sellers on the fair definition of the starting price;

- To perpetuate the relationship of trust.


RESO VO is currently the most advantageous solution of the market of the occasion of the industrial vehicles!!!


Réso-VO team