How does it works

■ Selling a vehicle

How to sell a vehicle ?

Several options: 

- Classified ad packages 

- Take advantage of the Big Sale every 15th of the month and benefit from a larger number of buyers.

- Create a specific sale (by theme, brand, ...) on request by phone or through the Reso-VO contact form.

- Take advantage of the special B2B Trader's destocking sale on the last weekend of every month. 


For that purpose, it is enough to you of :

1) Create a member account and ask for the "seller" status, which will be activated within 24 hours (subject to acceptance by Réso-VO).


2) Have all the required documents ready for putting a vehicle up for sale on the site:

-       The car registration document

-       The expert survey(4)(5)

-       The MOT (for vehicles which require it).

-       Good quality photos of the vehicle (¾ front left and right + ¾ left and right rear+ inside).

-       Detailed photos of any possible damage which support any mentions in the expert survey.


(4) A remote expert report can be directly ordered on the Ré when the sale information is completed.

(5) If you have your own survey report, it is imperative that the real mileage of the vehicle is the same that that indicated on the survey report. Your address and phone number must not be visible, otherwise they will be deleted.


3) Complete the vehicle sales form by fixing your reserve price (prize in adequacy with the market value of the vehicle).


4) Wait for the validation of the sales form by our sales department which will determine a date for the sale in the “Best Offer” mode.


5) Final approval of putting your vehicle up for sale by replying to our sales department’s confirmation email. A lack of authorization will mean that the vehicle cannot be offered for sale.

Beware, once you’ve confirmed the sale, the vehicle will be put up for sale and the reserve price cannot be changed.


6) At the end of sale, the seller receives a detailed summary of the offers put on his vehicles, as well as the address and phone number of the buyer for each vehicle sold. It is then up to the seller and the buyer to arrange an appointment to finalize the financial transaction and the delivery of the vehicle.


OUR ADVICE: As the payment transaction for the vehicle is directly between the seller and the buyer, we recommend you to ensure the payment is received before handing over the vehicle.


On the other hand, the seller is required to give an exact description of the state of the vehicle. In case of a dispute, we reserve the right to remove his "seller" status and to invoice him for the sales commission returned to the buyer.



The registration of dozens of vehicles for sale takes time. To simplify this task for you, we propose a registration service.

Conditions :

-       A minimum of 30 vehicles to be registered.

-       All vehicle documentation is available in a computerized format (expert report, commercial and detailed photos, MOT).

-       Pre-authorization to put the vehicles up for sale



■ Buying a vehicle

How to buy a vehicle?

1)       Create a member account, because only members can participate in sales. Creating an account is easy, fast and totally free. Simply go to the registration page by clicking "Become a member" on the homepage.


2)       Once your account is created, Réso-VO suggests 2 ways to make offers, either manually (6) at the beginning of the sale, or automatically with our system of automatic offers (see section "automatic offer" in "How does it work?").


3)       To facilitate your participation in sales, you have the possibility of pre-selecting a list of vehicles, by placing them directly in your selection.


Note: Once you place a manual or automatic offer on a vehicle, it will be automatically placed in your selection.


4)       To make an offer manually, simply click on the button indicating the amount.  


How to know if I am the best offer?

The message "You are the best offer" appears just above the current price.


How the tier works:

The timer announces the date of the next sale. Then, when the sale begins it counts down the time until the sale ends.

If a member makes a higher offer during the final seconds of the sale, the timer automatically adds 20 additional seconds to allow all the buyers to make their final offers.


5)       At the end of the sale, if the reserve price is met, an e-mail is sent to the buyer with the best offer to inform him of his success.


6)       To be put in connection with the seller of the vehicle, the buyer then has to settle the connection fee directly by bank transfer. During the payment of this commission, the buyer has the possibility of subscribing to an extension of the warranty offered by Réso-VO.


7)       The buyer and the seller are required to independently finalize the transaction, including payment and the exchange of keys and documents.


8)       Once vehicle is in possession of the new owner, it is imperative to return to Ré to register the vehicle’s serial number in order to activate the 1-month warranty offered by Réso-VO.


IMPORTANT: the access to certain sales can be regulated, because certain vehicles can be exclusively reserved for professionals of the automobile sector. If you are one of these professionals and if you wish to participate in these sales, do not forget to register your NAF code when you create your account.



■ Making automatic offers

The system of automatic offers allows buyers who cannot participate in live sales, to be able to place offers by anticipatio, on one or several vehicles.

It is enough to indicate a maximum purchase price directly on the vehicle sale page and the system will place your offers for you on the day of the sale.

This system aims to participate in sales for the buyer by trying to obtain the best purchase price. It stops automatically as soon as you are the best offer and without ever exceeding the fixed maximum.


OUR ADVICE: even if the system manages your offers automatically, we advise you to return 10 minutes before the end of the sale to give yourself the option to manually adjust your offer to avoid losing a vehicle which would have slightly exceeded your maximum automatic offer.


NOTE: An automatic offer cannot be cancelled or adjusted to a lower amount once a sale has started.



■ Counter-bidding

Réso-VO is currently the only site offering a counter-bidding option.

Counter-bidding is a process of negotiation, which aims at facilitating a sale where the best offer has not reached the reserve price fixed by seller.


How it works:

-  At the end of a sale, if the last offers are close to the reserve price, Réso-VO emails the 3 best offers to the seller.

-  The seller then has 3 options:

-       He accepts one.

-       He rejects all of them.

-       He makes a counter-bid to the 3 potential buyers:

-       The buyers receive the counter-bid by email.

-       The first buyer who accepts the counter-bid is awarded the sale.


NOTE: Information is exchanged by e-mail, but the validation of the counter-bid price is made in the buyer’s member space on the website.


If no agreement on the counter-bid is reached within 24 hours, the vehicle is automatically put back on sale.



■ The classifieds ads

Réso-VO offers you a classified ads service, giving you the possibility of publishing classified ads for your industrial vehicles on the website. You simply have to complete the form in the "sell vehicles" section of the member space and click on “classified ad” at the end of the form.


To publish a classified ad, you have to provide the following documents:

-       Car registration document

-       Mileage

-       Commercial photos

-       Expert survey and corresponding images

-       MOT (if the vehicle is concerned)


If necessary, you can order your survey report directly on our site, at the end of the classified ad registration process.

Classified ad fees:



Classified ads packages


3 month

6 month

1 year

10 Spaces

100 €/mois

85 €/mois

70 €/mois

25 Spaces

200 €/mois

175 €/mois

150 €/mois

50 Spaces

275 €/mois

225 €/mois

175 €/mois


Evaluated vehicles

Our ambition is to offer you a maximum of transparency to make your transactions as smooth as possible.

To put a vehicle up for sale on Reso-VO, we strongly advise you to have the vehicle reviewed by an expert and to put the evaluation report online as part of the sale documentation.

Thus it is imperative to provide your evaluation report(1)  before finalising your sale offering. Alternatively, you can have a "remote evaluation" carried out through our partner ALLIANCE MANAGEMENT(2).

When completing your offer, you should have your commercial photos ready along with images of any damages. This will allow us to estimate possible repair costs. For vehicles located in France, you also have the option of ordering a full hands-on evaluation. For more information see the "Evaluations" section.


(1) If you have your own survey report, it is imperative that the real mileage of the vehicle is the same that that indicated on the survey report, your address and phone number must not be shown, otherwise they might be deleted.


Alliance Management is a state-owned and approved evaluation company, which carries out on-the-ground evaluations throughout France as well as remote assessments of vehicle restoration costs based on photos.


ALLIANCE MANAGEMENT is the inventor of the remote evaluation concept:

-       9 years of development of the concept and the evaluation tools

-       665 000 evaluations delivered

-       A tested and referenced process used by the main contractors

-       6 500 cases handled per month with a maximum 1 day deadline


The costs of our evaluations:                              

Vehicle type

Option 1  

Phone expertise

+ Valuation of dammages

Option 2

On-site intervention

Valuation of dammages

+ Photos report

Option 3

On-site intervention

Valuation of dammages

+ Photos report

+ Setting up a material quality card

Vehicle information sheet indicating inspection points in the form of a notice on material condition, both on its body and mechanical parts (detailling a good/average/or bad opinion).

VAN < 3t5

75.00 €



Truck – Trailer

110.00 €

150.00 €

245.00 €

Specific equipement*





Expert Report


If you choose to order an evaluation through our partner, the cost will have to be settled directly by bank transfer. For more information, see our “Evaluation” section.

Please note that for accident vehicles, an insurance report our expert survey is compulsory whatever is the mileage or the age. 



■ Stand-alone vehicle survey

We provide a service to carry out a stand-alone vehicle survey, even for vehicles who are not put on sale through

This exclusive service has been developed in partnership with ALLIANCE MANAGEMENT (2).

It allows you to benefit from pre-negotiated prices lists. This custom-made solution allows you to estimate any pre-sales reconditioning costs for your vehicles, either by remote assessment or with an expert on location.

For more information, see the “Vehicle Survey” section. 



Mechanical warranty


To allow purchases to go smoothly, all heavy goods and the commercial vehicles receive an automatic 1-month warranty (with the exception of the accident vehicles). The type and the duration of warranties are directly indicated on the vehicle description.


To benefit from this offered warranty you have to:

-  Take possession of your new vehicle.

-  Access the member space on within 7 days of the purchase

-  Enter the vehicle’s serial number. This action will start the 1-month warranty


Note : the 1-month warranty offered by Réso-VO can be extended at the time of the payment of the commission, by signing up for the extension option.

Additional warranties can be added on request in the "Warranties" section. A dedicated site run by our partner GUARANTIES FRANCE, will allow you to choose your additional warranties.


For more information, see the "Warranties" section.


GUARANTIES FRANCE offers mechanical warranties since 1999.

- GF insures all types of vehicles (cars, agricultural vehicles, construction vehicles, vans, trucks …).

- As a pan-European network of independent national experts, they are specialists in all the technical domains of a vehicle.

- The mechanical warranties are not limited by vehicle age or mileage. These advantages make GUARANTIES FRANCE an ideal partner for Réso-VO. 



■ Additional warranties

This service is proposed to you in partnership with GARANTIES FRANCE.

It entails a range of additional warranties adapted to all types of vehicles.


These guarantees are proposed at preferential rates and can directly be purchased via the dedicated site, which is accessible via the "Warranties" section. This service is available for all our members, even if your vehicles are not offered for sale.

You are advised to consult costs and general conditions of warranties.


OUR ADVICE: We notice that certain professionals sell their vehicles with a minimal warranty. This service facilitates the sale by reassuring future buyers. With attractive warranty costs proposed by our partner, we recommend to add a warranty in order to reduce your risk.

For more information, see the “Warranties” section. 



■ Fee structure

Offering a vehicle for sale on Réso-VO is totally free. Fees occur for the buyer once a sale is agreed.

These connection fees, which we name "commissions", are among the lowest in the market :




From 0 to 5 000 €

290 €

From 5 001 to 10 000 €

390 €

From 10 001 to 15 000 €

490 €

From 15 001 to 20 000 €

590 €

From 20 001 to 50 000 €

890 €

From 50 001 to 100 000 €

1500 €

More 100 001 €

2500 €


This commission will be collected by bank transfer in a single amount before connecting the buyer and the seller.

The payment delay for the commission is fixed at 48 hours maximum after the end of the sale. Non-payment cancels the sale and puts the vehicle back on sale.


In case the purchased vehicle does not correspond to the description and\or to the expertise, the commission will be fully returned to the buyer (ref. general terms of sale).